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How to Write a Rap Song

First of all if you’re not living with your beats then it won’t come out all that good, well ok, maybe you will but more than likely your going to sound like some kind of robotic robot who has been lifted from a cheap robotnet download. Is it worth the time spent to learn how to write a rap song? Maybe not, no, not at all.

When you’re writing a rap song how do you think people perceive you? You probably have a rough idea of what they think so when they hear your song, they know what it sounds like and can relate to the lyrics. That’s why most songs don’t sell because the listener doesn’t fully understand the lyrics. You should be able to verbalize your ideas in a way that your audience can understand. This way they will be able to put the song to use and possibly listen to it again, even after they heard it once.

Rap music has always had a visual component to it because that’s how we all heard it when we were growing up. Back in the day it was all about telling a story with lyrics. Now it’s more about telling a story through lyrics but still having the ability to rap and perform. If you haven’t noticed by now, nearly every song you hear on the radio today has some sort of dance to it and the vocals are just as important as the beat. The songs that actually make the sales are the ones that have the best lyrics and the best beats.

So as you can probably tell, being able to use the beat is more important than just the lyrics because the beat dictates the rhythm. This is one of the reasons why many people refer to songwriting as the instrumental part. The instrumental is what makes the song come alive. It holds the listener’s attention and gets them excited while singing the song lyrics aren’t working for you.

Rap songs are much more complex than most music because there are many ways to layer and re-arrange the verses and the chorus so it works. As you’re learning how to write raps, keep in mind that it’s easier to break down long songs into sections than it is to make an entire song with verses, choruses, and a bridge. Each verse, chorus, and bridge are important in their own way. They add flavor to the song and make the song flow.

If you have some spare time, try recording your song with a band or instrumentalist. This can help you get a feel for how to structure a song. You may also want to record yourself performing along with another vocalist or instrument. When you record yourself, pay close attention to the phrasing. You can learn a lot by observing how other artists approach writing songs. You can also watch other songs and imitate their vibe, tempo, melody, etc.

In terms of the verses, you need to keep them catchy. This is probably the most important point of songwriting. If you’re not catchy, no one will bother listening to your lyrics. You’ll find that it usually takes the music a few seconds to catch a listener’s attention before they’ll sing along. If the lyrics don’t have any melody at all, chances are your listener won’t either.

The rhythm is another crucial aspect of writing lyrics. Rapping is fast paced and can be very loud in nature. When writing, keep the rhythm short so it doesn’t take long to become annoying. This also helps your song stays fresh because you won’t be repeating the same chorus or refrain over again.

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